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The disillusionment lasted for several years

We met sophmore year of college and started to play doubles tennis. We dated during the summer and then she left for Europe for her junior year. We wrote and emailed each other until May. She was traveling until just before school restarted in late August. I ran into her at the library at school and she treated me as a stranger. "O it's you" is all she said without smiling. I was crushed. She told me she had changed. I asked her out to dinner thinking we could talk but all she talked about was how wonderful her year was and how the men she met were so much more cultured and sophistocated than the boys here.She never asked me how I had been at school. I didn't call her for a few weeks but finally talked to her again and we started to go out again: school events, dinner, shows etc. We dated all our senior year and finally graduation came. She asked if one of my friends would take her girl friend to the graduation dance and ball but he didn't want to pay 100 bucks for a tux so I payed for mine and his. Shortly after graduation, I called her up to make plans for the weekend when she told me she would be too busy to go out. I called the following week and got the same answer. I finally asked what was going on and she told me a man she had met in Europe had arrived and she was going to be too busy to go out with me again. He had rented an apartment and had taking a teaching job at a local high school. I was in shock. I loved the girl and was very kind to her. I could not believe she would do such a thing with no feeling for me. The disillusionment lasted for several years.


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