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pathological lying, deceitful, and dishonest behavior

Poof! She Vanished into thin air! Was dating a gal exclusively for over a year. Broke up a couple of times, always worked things out because of her persistance to "capture my heart". The last four or five months were improving better and better, especially emotionally. She had graduated college and landed a job with a prestigious and lucrative company. We celebrated this. As she settled into her new job, she complained of long hours(well into the evening)and weekend duties. It wasn't a concern because I would talk to her frequently during these obligations. Soon after, her family had concerned her with problems that arose with her brother that required her immediate involvment; again taking up what little time she had for us.

Not at any point did I see what I am about to share comming.

Four or Five days had gone by without hearing from her - a first. We never went more than a couple of days without some communication. Her cell would not take my calls, text messages went unanswered. I became worried for her well-being. I stopped at her house, dark and empty. I then called her place of work for the first time. They told me she did not work there, never has worked there, and has never inquired in working there. Shocked, yet still concerned, I called her mother(I never got close to her parents, they lived out of town and had only met them once and wasn't very impressed yet my girlfriend told me that she spoke of me often to them). I explained who I was and asked if she was o.k. After a long pause, she replied "She's fine. She has been out of town for the past week with her boyfriend". Her boyfriend over the past several months! When I asked her mother about her employment her reply was "She hasn't worked in the last five months".

I still haven't heard from her and I now she knows what I know. What I have found to be bullshit out there is all of this kind of crap seems be recognized as only men being capable of this type of pathological lying, deceitful, and dishonest behavior towards women. TOUCHE!


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