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He turned up at the airport smelling of drink

i met my ex boyfriend whilst working on a job together, we quickly developed a very passionate relationship, even though i knew he was still getting over his ex girlfriend, he told me not to worry ( constantly) and that he was over her.
6 mths in i discovered he had cheated on me with her, he convinced me it was a one off and he cared for me and she was history. i stupidly believed him. we continued to go out and i then discovered she was texting him suggestive texts, i was honest and told me id seen these , he said he had driven me to it and that he forgave me and said she meant nothing, she was insecure etc. again i believed him. We decided to go on holday together , the night before we were due to go he went awol and turned up at the airport smelling of drink and was in a state, he said hed been out with friends etc. it turns out he had spent the night with her. over time i discovered other girls texting him and he had been responding. He denied i exsisted and told his ex i was suicidal and not to contact me, ( she was a little crazy and had gotten into the habit of calling me to tell me he had told her she was the love of his life and she would be the mother of his children), when i comfronted him , he said he had said this !! i was in total shock, all along he had said not to worry about her etc and all along he was in contact with her , and tried to make out i was the mad person. i finally broke it off last november after finding more evidence of his infidelities. It has left me with post trauma issues due to the emotional abuse i had suffered. I couldnt believe someone could be so manipulative and cruel, when all along he could of just broken up with me or said now is not the time for a relationship .
i am now slowly putting the pieces together but am haunted by his behaviour.
a week after breaking up i asked him if he was seeing anyone else , stupid i know , i couldnt believe his answer he said he had been on a date and he felt he just wanted to get on with his life.....unbelieveable, when i am am left shattered he feels its appropriate to just get on.
i took myself on holiday for 6 weeks to clear my head, i bumped into him last week andhe looked dreadful, he wanted to meet for a coffee, i reluctantly agreed and when i met with him he seemed to miss me, he looked sad.
this gives me some peace, but the scars are far from healed. unbelievably i do miss him sometimes because when he wasnt be a pathalogical lier he was actually very charming and loving ( seems this is a trait ).
anyway i just thought id share this with you all , there is light at the end of it i hope, it will take time.


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