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Bad Communicaton = Broken Relationship

it all started last october during half term i envited this girl i really liked round my house, we had quite a lot of fun, we got really close that day not kissing or anything just good mates, then the day after she asked me out, i could'nt believe my luck, so for the next month one thing led to another, i was always doing things to her, but when i asked her to do things for me she made up excuses like she made up this ex boy friend who made her do things, i thought i'll give her time and build up her trust.

2-3 months into the relationship she started to annoy me and give me no respect, always calling me on my phone never giving me any space, and then she started to create arguments over the most stupidest things ever like if i went out with my mates without telling her she wouldn't speack to me for a while, i asked her if she was on her period she told me she wasn't she was just fed up with me, however it started to sort itself out, things returned to normal.

then in the middle of the night of january 1st we did it, i lost my v plates with her, it was at the time the most happiest moment of my life, a week later we were argueing again she threatened to dump me, in the past i should of told her how i felt about the relationship but i didn't so i came out with all of it right in her face, she obiously couldn't handle it and dumped me

we did so much in the relationship and almost every place i go to i think of her, not a day goes by without me thinking about her, i've tried phoning her up just to speak to her but now i realise i would look the stupid one not her, if you have read all of this always sit down and speak to your girl if your not saticefied and be a better person than i am, i'm still getting over her and it's september now so learn from all of this


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