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My Ex-boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. yeah. i know. but it was in the last year and a half where i realized that we're not meant to be together forever to get married. and this is why, instead of hanging out with me on my b-day, he chose to watch stupid WRESTLEMANIA. can someone tell me out there, WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT GROWN MEN FIGHTING IN UNDERWEAR BREAK A BACKBONE?!! unfortunately for me,it was a sunday and as most girls would be upset. of course i was too. but i forgive too easily and he took advantage of that. later that week, it was my pin ceremony to official become a Medical Assistant. which he did actually request the morning off,but would rather work. 'cause that's his first priority. WHATEVER. These two events were really important to me and the man that i loved would rather do something else. We never hung out as much and when we do, it was on his time, not for me. i could not take it anymore. as much as I loved the guy i had to let him go. we're too different. I was more of the career bound and ambitious. he was just comfortable being a ride operator pushing green buttons for the rest of his life. can you really live on that income? im a family girl. he does not even want kids. so yeah.

we finally broke it off and remained friends. there are just some qualities i loved about him as my boyfriend but Id rather be friends when it came to everything else. you know?


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