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I Moved for Her - She Dumped Me

I thought she was the one, but I never thought after falling in love, she would DUMP me.... she told me she wasn't ready for a long-term relationship, I moved to a totally different state for her, where I didn't even know anyone but her, the first couple of days everything was great but after she started hanging out with her old friends she just kind of drifted me away from her, then I stayed at her parents house and she was gone with her friends for about 5 days finally she came back and told me it was over...

I begged her and pleaded not for it to be over but she still said "No", And after she left I had to find my own way back to my hometown, I asked if she wanted me to stay with her. Cause thats what we said to eachother when we were dating, that if we ever breakup.. we would still live together... I asked her if I should stay there... and she said " I don't care you can if you want to". So i made my choice and left, cause the break up was bad enough....

So now i called her and she doesn't even seem to care about me anymore... and so now I'm Dealing with my worst breakup ever... everyday I think about all the things she did to me, and the way she treats me now when I'm on the phone with her... i think to myself..... I'm better off.... I loved her sooo much words can't explain....but she left me with a Broken heart that will take a while to heal... so I finally decided to Let Her Go.. For good.

It sucks trust me! breakups are the worst thing, but you do recover....eventually.... breakups take time to heal. I'm Still trying to get over her.........


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