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I got angry and started shouting

Recently my wife went to a vacation to her home country and I was fine with that, I never expressed my feelings for her because i thought she knew. She came back and she felt so distanced and I couldn't understand why, I asked her why she is so distance she said ''I'm not , stop being paranoid'' How could I be paranoid if someone hasn't said to me she loves me after been gone for 1 month and 20 days. I got angry and started shouting at her(which was huge mistake) she told me she wants a divorce and I asked if she loves me she said first time no, I looked her into the eyes and said please be honest she said I have love for you. I don't know if it is because of anger or if she doesn't love me anymore. She has been gone to her friend for the last 3 nights and I didn't sleep/eat/socialised anything, I been sitting home crying my eyes out (I am not a sensitive person but this pain Is something I never felt before). I feel like she met someone else and I asked she said no but there is strange vibe coming from her like she is missing that person, I come in the house she rapidly hangs up the phone. I sended her voice messages saying I love you and I can't live without you, I sent her poetry expressing my sadness and love for her. I made a mistake that I never expressed my feelings to her before and now I just can't sleep/eat anything, I rather bury myself then go through this pain.


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