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okay my story proably isn't going to be the best but i have to write it anyways, okay so my heart has been broken many of times and i know i'm still young i'm only 18. however i have lost and loved and loved again. i was 17 when i met this guy and i was just getting over a past ex, or guy in my life. my best friend decied to help me out with a guy she thought would be abosoultly perfect for me. i just firgured i 'd meet the guy and then possibly have some what of an attraction. i met him and it was the complete opposite of what i was excpecting, i was expecting maybe well hopefully mr. right. Well i met him and i was crazy about him for one. But according to my friend he couldn't stop starting at me, he loved the fact that i played gutair and sang. and i guess i made a real impression that first night because we ended up dating before i left. Now the biggest problem was i wasn't too excited but, my friend and her boyfriend at the time his best friend told me he was crazy about me. i Just felt so bad, but i thought i should atleast give him a chance. and then as time went on i grew to really like him. Now he had explain to me when we first got to together how much he liked me and how much he was wanting this realtionship to go far. he told me about how he fell in love one time, and the girl shatter his heart completely and he was afraid to love again. As time went on it seemed as if i was growing closer to him, and he was pushing away, it had been about two months. and i invited him to my homecomming dance (big mistake!) apparentley, the homecomming dance was remindeing him of his ex. because he had a bad experience with homecomming before. and then the guy that help break them up was standing in line for pictures with us. if that wasn't bad enough we went to go eat, and his ex was sitting right behind me. about a few days after the dance he broke up with me claming, he was not ready for a realtionship, and that we didn't know each other well enough to be in a realtionship. i was crushed but i was not angry i understood what happened through his point of view. well i was still his friend, and the two days after we broke up he called me after work. He sounded really worried on the phone when he called me and told me he needed to talk to me rite away. I went to his house and he wasn't home, so i decied to go to his friends house but she wasn't home either. so i went to another one of his friends house, that he commmonly hung out and got drunk there. i found him inside with the girl who i went to the house and went earlier. he leaned over to me drunk telling me they were going to start "talking" That jerk telling me he wasn't ready for a realtionship but he wants to date his ex. oh and if that's not bad enough he tells me why he's drunk that he cheated on me the night before homecomming. i was not only crushed but i was so angry. i walked off with rage. and he come slamming himslef into my truck drunk saying he was sorry and he didn't mean to. and telling me this was the only time he ever cheated. But me good old pushover took him back to his house layed him down, and then wrote him a note. after that we really didn't talk for awhile and then all three of us made up. as time went on the girl found someone else. and they never got together because he decied he definally didn't want a realtionship. a few months later we all went to a concert together. and i went home wiht this same guy, like an idiot we ended up messing around, and this contiune for about a week. i was too shy and afraid to say what i wanted. because i still did like him after that. i finally asked him what he wanted to do and again the same anwser "i like you but i don't want to get in a realtionship just yet." again i was devasted and i decied to move on. He ended up having something other girl that wasn't found around where we were from. and they messed around as well. this girl clamied she loved him and called him all the time and wrote him a love note within two days, he was freaked out by her and left her, even though he told me the same thing he told her "no realtionship." Even though i knew at this point our friendship had grown stronger, and i knew i was truly in love with him i would give him time, as he proved to me how nice and loving he could be. i found a guy from another town and slowly started to fall for him, i turned him down however in fear of getting hurt. but then i sooned remeber how much it hurt to be rejected. so i decied to give him a chance ( again big mistake.) because unfortuanally the guy i thought i love may love me back. but i'm not sure he acts diffrent now. the homecommming pic of both of us is his screen saver, background, and myspace photo. he im's all the time asking me to come over. and i tryied to avoid him because i knew if i went over to his house i would end up cheating on my new boyfriend. well recently i was over at his house and we were talking, about alot of diffrent things, he talked to me about how it was just so hard to love after his ex. but he knows he will find someone else. and then he told me about how he was cleaning the back of his couch and found the note i wrote him after that horrid night whenever he reavealed the truth. about how he cheated on me. he told me he read the note over again and felt horrible, and told me that he didn't mean to and he wishes he could go back and do it over again. and then we ended up kissing. i do feel bad i do and the worst part is he's going to the army and moving far away. and i know i should let him go. because he never going to get with me again but i feel so strong in the feeling of knowing he will come back even my own brother tells me he's just afraid and i should just stand up and be a woman and tell him how i feel. but i think that may scar him away well thanks for listing sorry bout the link and spelling errors.


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