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He Wooed Me while Engaged to Another

After a slew of relationships that went to pot, I spent a few years single and then met someone I thought was wonderful. We were together for a year and four months. It turned out that our whole "relationship" was based on lies and deception. While we were together he lied to me with false professions of love and plans to marry me when I was through college. Bullsh*t!!!!

After leading me on for all that time, he made up an extravagant lie to return to his home country to take care of his sick mother. When he left, I found out from three credible sources that he left to get married!!!!!!!!!!!! I was blown away with shock, hurt, anger, etc. He knew the whole time he was with me that he was going to get married to someone else!!! After all that time I spent with him he left me high and dry like that!!!!!! I was humiliated.

It has now been close to a year and I recently found out that upon returning to college for another semester, that he had called my dorm phone this summer and left a message saying he'd call back!!!!! What a great way to start a new semester. I had not heard a thing from him since before he left and suddenly he calls me out of the blue. But I am too good for him and I surely hope he doesn't call again. That loser doesn't deserve to talk to me . I want to keep him totally out of my life for good and I am not about to allow him to weasle his way back in!!

It will be really hard to ever trust again in the future. I don't plan on letting anyone get very close to me at all because I am scared of getting hurt again. So I will keep my guard up and will not let my heart get swept away!!!


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