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she had a hickie on her chest

I thought I had the best life ever. Perfect boyfriend, great friends, everything a 15 year old girl could want. Then one day it all turned for the worst. I was hanging out with my boyfriend and friend out side of school. Then my bro drives up and asked if I wanted a ride home so I said yes and kissed my boyfriend goodbye said I would call him later and gave my friend a hug before leaving. I should never have said yes to my bro. I called my boyfriend that night and asked so what did you and ___ do after I left. He said they walked around and talked. I thought to myself that didn't sound like ___ I knew she would have tried to hit on my boyfriend but he kept saying nothing happened. The next day at school I saw __ and she had a hickie on her chest and I asked if my boyfriend gave that to her. She claims that it wasn't a hickie and that her sister had hit her and left a bruise right there. Later it turns out it was a hickie from my boyfriend and they had madeout and lied to me about it. I got so mad at the both of them that I broke up with my boyfriend and haven't talked to my ex-best friend since. To make it all better my boyfriend said we would be together forever and I ended up losing my virginity to him. Biggest mistake of my life.


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