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I Fell for the Older Guy - He Used Me

I started dating a guy secretly when i was 16 that was five years older than me, i did it just for fun and spite of my parents, he was quite a charmer and he romanced me until i slept with him and then i fell completely in love with him, then my parents found out and went ballistic but i held on and he seemed to drift away so i broke up with him to save myself the heart ace and i even dated someone else but after 6 mos.

we run in to each other and i realized i couldn't deny it any longer i knew i loved him, so we started a very passionated love affair and soon enough i didn't have to sneek around anymore i was old enough to move out and he told me i could live with him but when I called him he wouldn't answer my calls for a month, so i started living with my aunt and of course he called me every night then and i found out that he had been seeing another girl all along plus he had her pregnant so I called and told him i wanted to end things and he said their was nothing to end that he was just using me all along, he tried to get me to go back to him a few times but i wouldn't then he spread a few rumers about me and he finally left me alone when i started dating a guy that he was afraid of

now i am happily married i just feel sorry for the girl he married, she got a real loser


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