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I just donít know if heís giving me the run around

I got with my ex ĎJamesí 2 years ago. Heís 20 Iím 22. He used to go out with a friend of mine in school. We didnít really talk; I always had a thing about him but never did anything. I was having trouble with my boyfriend at the time and I had to many feelings for ĎJamesí and I ended it with my boyfriend. A few months passed and me and jay chilled out in his flat a few times just talking, then one day he pulled my face towards his and kissed me. My stomach was in bits; id never felt anything like that with anyone. I was hooked straight away. Everything was running smoothly for about a year and then it started falling apart.
5months ago James and me split up. He said he wanted to find himself, he needed time to find out what he wanted! So I moved out of the flat and back into my mums, the day I moved out completely I took our cat and was about to say goodbye to him, when he came into the flat, went into the bedroom and fell asleep. He went to the pub downstairs and got pissed whilst I moved everything out of the flat. Anyway we were still having break-up sex (I know its not supposed to be done, but u need to see this guy, I canít help itÖ).
It happened about 6 times until I found out that the last time we made love he slept with the sl@g in the flat next door, and he had hooked up with 2 girls I know and used to go drinking with. He said it didnít mean anything and that he just missed having someone to wake up to when he had a bad night sleep (the worst excuse ive ever heard)Ö
so it stopped, I hated him for a few months. He kept telling me that he loved me and that I was his best friend, he wanted us to have kids and grow old togetherÖ. Heís now going out with the sl@g next door, he says he doesnít want to be with her but doesnít have the heart to tell her. Sat here tonight and Iím missing him, I miss the way he made me laugh all the time and they way he made me feel safe in his armsÖ I do hope that one day we can talk about our relationshipÖ Iím in love with him, I miss him, I need him, I like having him around me!!! I just donít know if heís giving me the run aroundÖ

Anyway sorry for boring you all, but this was my experience of loveÖ


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