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i don't know if we broke up or not

i don't know if we broke up or not. He hasn't called since new years eve. Today is the 6th so i don't know. He has been hanging out with this one paticular girl though . It is really bugging me and then he wrestles all the time with all these boys and the girl. the girl is my friend so i told her he was biosexual. the boy i like well love. I do i love him so much but i am not sure what happend. Anyways then the girl told him and he was being all rude and then he said you think sick.He keeps following Cindy around to. Though Cindy has a boyfriend i think she likes him. I don't know. I called him just a little while ago. His mom answered and i said hello can you tell jesse just to call me back when he gets a chance and she said yes so i am waiting. Tonight i have basketball practice and the girl is on my team so i guess i will ask her about him.


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