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now i remeber how it feels to be loved and FREE!

Ok so we started seeing each other in september of 2006. He was an exs friend who i started seeing just to piss the ex off. Things started getting serious and i thought i was actually falling for him, but i guess it was more of a lust situation. After about a month and a half i had told him some things about me, and i thought i had learned somethings about him as well. I was apparently wrong! At about 2 months things started to fall through. I didnt want to be with him anymore, and i tried to break up with him, but he held somethings that i told him over my head, and i was unable to break up with him. I was staying with someone i thought was a friend because my house was being remodeled, and she was playing boths sides. She would tell me what a jerk he was and everything else, but would hang out with him and let him come over when she knew i was trying to break up with him. Then one night he came to her house and assaulted me, not severly but enough for me to know he was crazy. He shove me and then i kicked him and ran out of the house to go to the police station, but he followed me and the cops finally came. So he goese to jail for a month and a half for nonpayment of child support! What a loser. I attempt to get a restraining order, but our "mutual: friend blows it for me when i call her as a witness. Well he eventually gets out of jail, and nonstop calls me and follows me until i agree to see him, bad idea. He then wont give up , and i agree to give him a second chance. He is no blackmailing me to date him. In February he steals my car when i try to break up with him again. He almost ran me over with my car, and the following day gives me my keys back, and bites me. I call the police again. I give them a statement he runs, and they do not aprehend him. He calls me the next day and threatens to go to the police station to file a charge against me when i was just defenbding myself. I have to see him or else he will. I see him and then about a week later he gets picked up and goes to jail. Yes i am free again! I try for another restraining order, and once again i am denied. He gets out and blackmails me again about the charge. I agree to see him again. Then he gets out of control and becomes an angry psycho i get another restraining order. in the meantime he files the charge against me. i drop the restraining order because he says he will drop the charge, and he doesnt. Then we hang out again i get attacked again.. i call the cops, but by the time they got there i had bitten him when he tried to put his arm around me and strangle me. I get arrested for simple assault. I was justr defending myself against him. The next day after my father bailed me out of jail. He continually calls, and wont leave me alone. I try not to answer but it wqas so anoying i had to. He tells me heis going to drop both charges if i keep being his girlfriend. Reluctabtly i agree. He is now stalking me everywhere i go .. I caught him a few times, i would see him on the corner staring at where i was or hiding in bushes.. it was insane. he would call and call and it was beyond annoying. i finally broke up with him for the last time in May. I told him file as many charges as he wants that my lawyer will take care of everything. He kept harassing me, so i went to the police, and i finally got my final restraining order. he sent me flowers and still called. i told him i was going to call teh police the next time he called, and i didn. I filed at least 6 charges against him. i still caught him stalking me every once in a while. He is crazy he still calls, he blocks his number and i cant file a complaint. It is now january , and we are still both going to court. My charges jhe had against me were dropped because he was in jail and the judge thought it was lack of prosecution. he is still facing charges for biting me from last february, and for the restraining order violation. I was lucky to start dating a friend in September who stands behind me 100% and knows the story. My new relationship is so different and now i remeber how it feels to be loved and FREE!


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