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Never Lower your Standards

we were together for 4 years... he cheated on me so many times i couldnt even tell you the finally count. well we met in school i was 14 and he was 17, he was known as a player but i didnt really care. i cared about him so much, i dont see how i mean for gods sake he messed around with my friend in gym class. he graduated and i droped out a year later! drugs were just as much of a problem as the girls, i did them he did them. i grew up and he never did, but i still loved him and wanted to help him!

on my 18th birthday he asked me to marry him, me being a dumba** said yes, soon after we moved in together. i thought everything was getting better until he found a nieghbor that also does drugs, he started to come home late, and hit me. but i still loved him, i learned to deal with the drug problems, i closed my eyes to all the girls (my best friend being one of them), i sufferd the abuse! i had it all figured out i knew how to deal with everything, i mean it was hard but he came home to me every night he kissed me goodbye when he left.

all of this changed one night... he didnt come home for three days, i finally gave up and went to my parents. i went back to our house to try to talk to him, he must of seen me pull up because he rushed outside, i took one look at him and all i could see was a huge hicky on his neck. I started to cry and pushed passed him so i could go clean myself up in the bathroom, when i walked inside i saw two girls sitting on my couch... his new girlfriend and her friend had stayed the night. she had a hicky on her neck.

my heart was broken, i did dumb things like cutting myself and begging for him to come back to me, threating his new girl (who by the way is under age, and has a child). i even had sex with him more then one time in hopes to get him back (caught an std in the process)i thought it was just a fling and he would come back. i called him so many times, i thought if he would just listen to me and know that i still care he would break up with her... i was wrong!

well its been a month since we broke up, and a week since we've talked... i still think about him every minute, but i know if i talk to him it will only bring tears. most likely we will get back together because im not let strong enough to say no. but my advice is dont get involved with someone that has a bad rep and never lower your standards for any guy the end result is never worth it. listen to your mom when she says hes no good. i hope that time apart from him will give us both a chance to grow up and change.


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