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I would give anything to start again with him but to what end?

I met my ex online at the age of sixteen. We started talking in forums and then started talking outside on MSN Messenger. At first we started out friendly like but then within a month it had kindled into something more.

After I told my parents about him, hiding the fact that I had met him online, we decided to drive to his hometown being that I hadn't been able to see him in at least a month for our first official date. We went there and him and I had a great time. I later found out that my parents disliked him.

Two months went by and I hadn't seen him so we decided on a second date but on the day of our second date we got into a fight and we broke up. He said that it was because of my parents because they were getting to involved in our relationship. I agree that they were getting to involved; they were always wanting to know every little detail about our relationship and had no consideration for our privacy. Even seven months after our breakup my ex and I are still good frinds. We talk almost every single night and we've made plans to hang out some time and catch up.

I still have feelings for him, he was my first boyfriend and tonight he informed me that he still thinks of me when a band that I got him hooked on starts playing and he told me that he thinks of me more often than he'd like to admit. I know I would give anything to start again with him but to what end?


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