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and we never spoke again

1 year ago I had a guy that I was with for over a year. One night after we had a small fight we decided to go for a drive just to cool off, so we blared the music and went for a long drive. Finally we came to the end of an old dirt road and he stopped, and he told me he was leaving me. I asked him why, and he told me that he had fallen for another girl. He looked at me and told me that he never loved me and that he was never planning on it going on for this long, and that if I got with another guy right away I was a slut, and not to bother to call him because he was gonna be with this other girl now, and then I got mad and got out of the car in the pouring rain, and I tried to call my mom, but no one picked up. Finally he got out and hugged me because I was soaked and told me to get back in the car that I was being an ass, and I told him noit to touch me, and he got mad, started throwing around the m/f bombs, and then he left me standing there in the rain, so I walked to get to some kind of road that wouyld have any kind of traffic flowing or signal so I could call someone to come get me, but then he came back around and got me 3 minutes later and h dropped me off in front of my house and we never spoke again.


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