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He Cheated, We Argue Violently, I Still Love Him

Ive been with my boyfriend for 8 months, and i love him so much and he loves me too, Im 16 and he is 17, things are so perfect, but never used to be. We started going out in december and i fought he really liked me and was over his ex, but he still loved her secretly. he only wanted me for sex, but i never knew that. He was so nice, i stayed at his alot, things seemed great.

it came to my birthday in february and i was shopping with my friend and got home and phoned him to see where he was, he was round his ex's brothers house and SHE was there!! i didnt like them together because she still loved him and wanted him back, plus they had a history together, he took her virginity and they were together for 19 months, she was like a physco ex always callin. the next day she called me and said that she had had sex with him on my birthday but he denied and phoned her up shouting at her for 'lying'!

a few weeks later we started to have health problems and didn't know why! he was going to go to a GUM clinic to get screened. then one day i went around to his house and he was sleeping, so i picked up his phone and there was amessage from her saying 'if we are only friends then why do you keep having sex with me? i dont want to have sex with you again because i already think ive got an STI!' So i got up and left. the next day my friend phoned me and said hows you and Y? I told her that id finished with him, and she then told me that she had seen Y and R in teh clinic sittin together!!

i phoned him up and told him knew everything about him and r and he denied it calling me stupid for thinking that he would sleep with 'that slag' again! i took him back, then two days later i found another message from her confirming their arrangement to meet up the next day, he dropped me home and i told if he is going to cheat not to be so obvious!

i couldnt leave him though, even though we were not officially together anymore i was still sleepin with him, even though i had caught chlamydia off him!!! we were on and off for about a month and then got it back together after i told him i didnt want to be used for sex anymore but he wouldnt leave me alone, kept phoning saying he was hooked on me and he needed me, he didnt need r no more and that i had helped get over her, i believed him because he hadnt spoke to her for about 2 months! after about a month of being back together he told me he was in love with me, we've argued violently, but we are as solid as a rock thanks to R-



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