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I dated this guy. We Dated for 3 months. He said he would never fall in love. But that easly broke when he feel in love with me. I of course was head over heels for him. He was 2 years older then me so he knew more then I did. Were comming up on our 4th anniversary and he had to go away for a weekend. All I would do is sit and wait for him to get home. I left everything behind my friends my family I gave everything to him. We didn't do anything wrong at our age. My parents were going insane woundering why I was different why I changed. So when he gets back we do the normal hug, kiss, and talk about what happened when he was away. The next day I'm talking to my sister and my best friend is over. So my sister, my best friend, and I are all happy. He calls me and starts talking to me like normal then at 10:37pm(yes I remember the time and the day) he breaks my heart for no reason. I scream and cry and run into the bathroom and my sister grabs the phone. She is talking to him and my best friend is wondering what the heck happened. She comes into the bathroom to see me with my head over the toliet throwing up. She comes over to me and pats me on the back. My sister walks into the bathroom and she says he wants to talk to you. I say ok like normal. I start begging, pleading him, why.... why.... why.... do you have too??? I love you.... PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO THIS.... He says he has to go and he is sorry but it wasn't working out with him...
A few weeks later I'm still not over him. I loved him he broke my heart. I trusted him with something so breakable and he just dropped it like it was poop. I still am not over him and some people think 3 months gosh thats lame and short common forget him he is a jerk anyway...I didn't believe them. I tell myself "get over him common girl you can do it move on." But something seemed to pull me back. For awhile I cryied myself to sleep. I didn't talk I didn't eat. I just cryied. I feel into depression. Feeling like everything and everyone hated me. I kept asking why he did this to me why didn't he just rip my heart out on the first day. After a week or so I thought about what he must be going through. I felt so bad to be all rude, but he broke my heart. We are friends and again I still wish to be more with him but he say "it won't work out." It has been one month from that day and all i have to say is:
GREAT FRIENDS AND FAMILY HELPED ME GET THROUGH THIS...I'm still not totally over him but I'm getting there with the help of my family and my best friend....


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