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It’s been 1 and half year that we broke up

On Sep 11th of 2001, I met my ex-bf. We didn’t have much time as friend and dated. We both had problems with our parents and had hard time to meet each other often. But we loved each other so much. We talked on the ph for the whole night and we used to make up so many stories to see each other. He left the school and didn’t finish the exam because of his dad. His dad said no more school as long as we are dating. He never mentioned what was going with him and never made me worry about him. So, I got no chance to share his pain. Actually, I hated his habit for not knowing how to say a sweet thing for what he did. The gap between us is never been honest with each other’s feelings. He is my first so I didn’t know how to handle the relationship. Plus, I couldn’t focus on my school and I even thought I could always take the exam again but not the time with him. I was so stupid. I went aboard just to go to school with him but still I couldn’t save the relationship. Things were not much different because he dad was still with him. We fought so many times and made up ………..but I was always the one who started it. I got mad first and I said sorry to him whether he was wrong or right. It’s just because I couldn’t ignore him longer than a few mins. There were so many problems between us and difficulties to contact to each other. And I was so tired with making up the relationship. It was so hard to get a chance to talk to him. On and off…….it took almost 4 yrs long. The last word from him is …………..he said we were last 4 yrs long just because he was confused. I loved him and still love him much enough to forgive and forget that even though it has completely destroyed all my dreams that based on our past. It’s been 1 and half year that we broke up. But I am still looking for something that can tell me that I was so wrong and he didn’t mean it. All he wanted is to protect me………………………


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