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he wuz flirting with my best friend right in front of me

Im in the 8th grade and I got a new bf. The thing wuz, he wuz my best friends ex. Me and my friend would hang out with him all the time and i didnt really like him tht way. Then he dated my friend and everything wuz fine until he dumped her for a freshmen. She said no. So, since we were friends he started calling me at least twice a day to talk about his problems. This went on for about 2 weeks. Then one night i wuz talking to him and he said to me..." i dont like her anymore and i knew it wuz over a long time ago...idk why...but i started to like u. ive liked u ever since i dumped her. will u plz go out wit me." i wuz silent for awhile so i told him id call him back after i thought about it. i decided to say yes and give it a try. So, everything wuz going great until about 5 days after. we went over to my other friend scotts house. he didnt really like my bf but he wuz like my best friend so he let him come. My friend tht he dumped came to...this wuz when things went wrong. He started flirting with her...right in front of me...my friends scott and steven noticed this and threatend him with a bebe gun not to ever touch me again. so he left and i dumped him the next day. i cant believe he wuz flirting with my best friend right in front of me. thank u so much scott an steven. ur my best friends.


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