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what am I doing with a idiot like this?

So you think you've met the ONE, you give ur all everythin that you have. You believe your in love and he loves you more than anythin. He shows it by buying you flowers for little reasons, txts you and tells you that he loves you any time of the day. Gives you everythin!!!! Any girl could ask for.
But then suddenly it don't seem the same no more, he tells you we'll pull through and then decides its not you its me!!! I mean okay??? Its like someones stepped on your heart a billion times...U cry, U change and U give him all thatsleft! But that isnt enough! "I mean come on give me a break!!!"
So as the love story goes on it gets better...So you think okay maybe it just wasn't mean to be! U'll get over it! Yes it takes ages!!! I mean AGES!! (still havent got over it) But as for the interesting bit...You find out that he had a thing for your best friend all the time he was with you!!! SHOCK HORROR!!! I mean how low can you go! Like I wasnt going to find out! Then you decide okay it is not even worth having a cry over it because was is done is done. It can't get worser than this!
After ages he decides to say sorry and that he was stupid and didnt know what he was doing!!! YEH RIGHT!! The stupid fool that you are believe him and say "Okay its okay" So funny!!
As we go around in circles for a while, which meant he calling then not calling and then ignoring for a couple weeks then sayin "oh sorry I had no credit." Again the silly foolish person you are say once again "its okay!"
Now you must realize this idiot is just playing with you!
Actually no I still loved him that much that I wanted to forgive and forget! But no back to sqaure one again...and this time it was,"We can't be together!"
Suddenly thank god somthing hits me in the head and wakes me up!! And thinks what am I doing with a idiot like this! He's confused himself!
So the story ends we me getting over him and still am getting over him and it still hurts to know that someone you gave your all to treated you the way you was scared to be treated like...oh well life still goes on!
Good Luck to him!
No hard feelings!!


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