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There is someone out there worthy of your time

he was literally everything i wanted; samrt, gernerous, funny, kind. I loved him completely for two years and lived with him for one of those. Then he dumped me via text and i later discovered it was for someone else.
That was three weeks ago.
My friends are all surprised how well ive taken it. I even met Her whilst I was with Him and they had already started what was to be the end of Us. I guess the betrayal and the way He ended proved that he was not worth any tears or pain. I dont regret the relationship; i had a wonderful time while it lasted and met many new friends and learnt many new lessons. I dont even feel the She is better than I. Call it big - headedness if you will, but I guess She was better suited and if He doesn't want to be with me then im not going to waste my time.
I have been lucky in the sense that since the end my friends have all been amazing, I am grateful to them every day and I dont think they relise how much they did for me. But even without the friends, the good memories or the valuable lessons learnt, i want to tell anyone out there nursing a broken heart dealt by a cheating lover that you are worth more. There is someone out there worthy of your time and half the fun in life is to find them xxxxxxx


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