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So everything goes to hell

This is a very long story so bear with me. I met my ex when I was a freshman in high school and we had a class together. He helped me get an A+ on a project I almost failed on cause I didn't know what the hell I was doing. So you know how it goes, we became good friends, then he asks me out and things are great. Somehow in the back of my mind, I always had that nagging voice inside telling me not to trust him and because of that, I left him after like a month of dating but we remained friends. Then like 8 months later, we realized we still had really strong feelings for each other and we dated again. The relationship was so beautiful at first; we even gave up our virginities to each other. So sweet. Then well, the problems started to come. Like he would "disappear" on me for days, by not calling me or even answering his phone when I called, and then he was just so selfish and aloof and always made fun of me and you know how painful the jokes can be for a teenage girl who really hated herself at the time. So for the next 3 years we just have this really roller coaster relationship with great highs and lousy lows. And stupid me always forgave him everytime he hurted me or something. But then right before we both were to graduate from high school, he coldly dumps me and I get so heart broken, I end up having a nervous breakdown and go to a hospital. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I find out his friends have put a hit out on me AND they were planning to vandalize my home. For some reason, none of their threats were even put into action so I guess they were just bluffing. Worst part is that after those horrible incidents, we STILL had an on and off relationship but he forced me to keep it on the downlown just so that his friends wouldn't find out! I got so upset I dumped him only to find out like 2 days later he's already dating some other girl! To this day, I'm still not sure if he actually cheated on me but then again.....So everything goes to hell and he actually ends up enlisting in the Air Force. But he does the most cowardly thing and pretends to go crazy just to make them kick him out of the Air Force, he said he couldn't take it!!!!! Even though he's like thousands of miles away from me and I've just started college, he still sended me love letters and even made his mom call me at times! So, as if I'm not retarded enough, eventually after he comes back we start to date again. But this time, it really did seem like he's changed for good and we had such a beautiful relationship. Everything was just great he even asked me to marry him and everything. Of course, there were always red flags but I paid no attention to them. Even after his now ex friends came back into our lives and threaten to hurt the both of us, we stayed together. Through thick and thin, we still managed to save our relationship. We fought a lot but we were always making up. But you know what they say, a zebra never changes his stripes and so like a year later, he goes back to his old ways but what finally knocked some sense into my head and gave me the strength to finally leave him for good was after I got a kidney infection. I got a UTI or urinary tract infection that unfortunately spreaded to my kidneys. I'm laying in bed all sick and in pain and he knows about it but guess what? He doesn't bother calling or even visiting me!!!!!!! It's like he disappeared from the face of the world. Finally I broke up with him for good and I haven't seen him for almost a month now. By the way he STILL hasn't kept in touch with me even after a hospitalization. (I'm ok now though, luckily I've fully recovered) So I learned a HUGE lesson. It's sad how I almost had to risk my health just to finally accept the fact that my ex didn't love me. By the way I just learned it's possible to receive a UTI from sex. hmmm..... It's a stupid story about how much time and energy I wasted on this guy but I hope whoever reads this can learn from my mistakes. To this day, I don't know why he's stopped caring and when I asked he just said "I don't remember why" I really loved him and stupidly put up with his mistreatments for so long. I guess it stems from being abused as a kid and never feeling good enough. I was so use to being mistreated, that I guess without realizing it, I was only repeating history. But I know so much better now. Don't ever let anyone treat you like trash or cast you aside. The minute he or she makes fun of you or worse, makes fun of you in front of others, leave as soon as possible. And don't ever think you don't deserve to be happy, everyone deserves someone who's gonna take care of them and treat them right. Since I left him for good, I feel so much better and I will never let anyone take me for granted ever again. Just because I was an abuse victim, does not mean I'll remain as one and I know I'm gonna be ok and eventually be happy. I'm just thankful I didn't end up marrying this guy or worse, have a baby or two with him and ruin my college career. I don't even believe in divorces so thank god he saved me from such heartache. Now, I'm just going to stay single, continue college and turn to friends and parents. When the time is right, I'm sure I'll find the right guy but I'm not rushing it at all right now. I'm just gonna go with the flow =)


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