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I have sleeping with him but it was strictly platonic

Okay so I dated this guy for 3 years! When I met him he was very married! Within 2 weeks of seeing each other he asked for a divorce from his wife and 3 months later it was done. I know,I know, I was wrong for dating a married man. He had me totally convinced the marriage was already in trouble, that they had been sleeping in seperate beds for months, yada yada yada! So when his divorce was final about 3 months later I move in with him. Everything started great when we first started seeing each other, even when he was still married. I never thought I would ever find someone so perfect. He told me the sweetest things I had ever heard, and made me feel so loved it was felt too good to be true. So we move in together and the problems start. I could be here all day telling you every little detail but I'll just narrow it down. He had a horrible temper! He would put holes in walls, throw things, yell at me til I was in tears, it was awful. He was very verbally abusive. He would say and call me the most horrible things you could imagine. He threw things up in my face that happened in my past before I even met him. It was really bad. So I decided in Oct. 2004 that if things didn't get better by New Years I was leaving, I couldn't take it anymore. Well December 2004 I found out I was pregnant. So wanting to keep my family together I stuck it out hoping things will get better. I gave birth to my daughter that August 2005. He was very excited, as was I but things didn't seem to be getting, they seemed to be getting worse. So the March after my daughter was born I packed up and left him moving over 200 miles away with my parents. He didn't take it too well, he was angry at first and threw my stuff out the front door, but then like always he was calling crying begging me to come back and apologizing a millions times. I stood my ground and left. 2 weeks after I moved he came up to see me and my daughter and was begging me to come home. I refused and told him if he wanted to try again, he would have to move with me 200 miles away from his home town. He didn't seem too excited but the said he'd think about it. Over the next 2 months he would come see us every other weekend. We were pretty much still together, talking everyday, saying I love you, and making love when he came to visit. In June things starting getting weird with him and I didn't know what was going on, we argued alot that month and I was under the impression that he did not want to move with me and his daughter or he would have done it already. So I told him it was over, I was tired of waiting for him. Mean while I started talking to an old friend from school, he too was going through a divorce and we kept each other company. We emailed each other and talked on the phone a lot. It was nice to have someone there to talk to who was kinda going through the same thing. Well my ex knew something was going on, even though I had told him it was over he felt the need to snoop. He got into my emails and found all the letters I had written my guy friend from school. He flipped out, he called me balling and screaming begging me not to go out with him or to even see him that he loved me and he would move up with me. I couldn't believe it, why on earth was he flipping out so much? So sure enough 3 days later he came up to visit and proposed to me on my parents back porch. He said he was moving up he just wanted to give his job a 2 weeks notice. Well it took him a little longer than 2 weeks and I was starting to get mad, I wanted him up here with me. So sure enough he moves up here about 3 weeks later and stays with me and my parents while him and I are looking for a place. Well 2 days after he gets up here with me, I get and anonymous myspace email that Tommy has been seeing a girl in his hometown since 2 weeks after I left. I was pissed, I knew this girl so I called her and she admitted to it, she said he told her when he came to visit that he was coming up to watch my daughter because I didn't have a babysiter, he also told her he was living with a friend up here, which was crap because he didn't even know anyone up here but me and my family. He had been lying to us both for over 3 months, she knew he proposed to me and she was still sleeping with him and yes that kinda hurt, but I know what he was doing. He was doing the same thing to her that he had done to me 3 years ago, telling her everything she wanted to hear and making himself to look like he was so freaking perfect. So I tried to kick him out, but he wouldn't leave, he begged and pleaded with me to let him stay and be being stupid, I agreed. We moved out of my parents house 2 weeks later in to our own rent house down the road. He hated it, he never wanted to live in a trailer but it was big enough for all 3 of us and it was cheap. So we made the agreement that he wouldn't talk to his little girlfriend anymore and I wouldn't talk to my friend that he read emails about. It was hard because we were just friends and nothing had happened but I tried to respect his wishes. Well about 2 months later, things started going down hill again and I decided he just needed to leave and go back home that this just wasn't going to work. He wouldn't leave, he stayed and I couldn't understand it. He had already put holes in the wall of the house, destroyed my digital camera, the remote to the cable box and put dents in the front door. I wanted him OUT! So the end of October we get into a fight and he tells me the weekend before when he went to see his mom that he didn't go see her he went and had sex with the girl he cheated on me with the first time. I wanted to kill him, I had to call the cops because if not I would have done something really bad. So he moved out the end of October and moved back to his home town with his mom. Now thats pretty sad, a 26 yoa man living with his momma because he can't be faithful! Needless to say he still works up here where I live and still comes and sees me everytime he's here. We have had sex since the seperation and I've even tried warning his little girlfriend but he absolutly refuses to listen. I may have been sleeping with him but it was strickly platonic, I didn't do it hoping for a reconcile, I just did it because it was there and not only that maybe to do to his girlfriend what she did to me. I know that I was stupid for doing a lot of things, but she is way more hard headed. He has her completly snowed that I am a liar. Oh well, 3 years and a kid later he'll leave her too for someone younger and prettier and then she'll call me and say " you were right". I didn't want that to happen to her, I didn't want anyone to go through what I have, but if she won't listen what am I to do?


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