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in the box was love letters my b/f sent her

It started when i moved to a new town about an hour away from where i use to live i fell inlove with the guy next door. me and him dated for 2.5 years. he was my high school sweetheart.well a friend back at my old town came to visit me for a weekend. me and my friend tim went for a walk to talk about me and my b/f's problems and my friend said she'd talk to my b/f. me and tim get back to his house and there he was lyin in his bed with my best friend. they were under the blankets but there clothes were all over the floor.i ran home cryin and my friend had enough nerve to come over and see how i was doing. my friend ended up leavin that day because i couldnt take it anymore. me and my boyfriend staied together(stupid me)well another one of my friend ended up moving to the same town i was in.about a month later my b/f started to act weird. my friend said my b/f doesnt deserve me and that he's an ass. i was so confused on why she wanted us to break up so badly and why my b/f was actin weird. he was lovely dovey to me whenever she was around.well she ended up moving 3 months later.she ended up sending me a letter along with a box. in the letter said how sorry she was for sleepin with my b/f and in the box was love letters my b/f sent her.in one of the letters said when they did it. it happened to be the day me and my friend were hangin out and i went and took a shower in her house. he walk threw the front door but once they heard the shower turn off he climbed out of her window. i ended up showin my b/f the letter she wrote me along with the letters he wrote her. well we ended up breakin up and luckly i moved.i didnt move that far but atleast i wasnt his next door neighbor anymore!


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