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My Ex Cheated in Front of Me

I met this guy I really liked about a month after my birthday. I had seen him before in the school we attend, and he noticed me at our lunch. We then hit it off right away. I had went to his house a lot the next few weeks, and got to know him a little better. He was really nice and treated me well... He liked the same things I liked (partying, drinking, smoking weed) so he and I had sex about after a month of "seeing eachother" but he didn't want to date me because he said he wasn't ready for a relationship. *it was my first time, and his like millionth*

he still showed interest in me for a few weeks a later... and we promised eachother we wouldnt have sex with anyone but eachother. A few weeks went by and prom came, and I went with his friend. He went with his friend. Through the night we had fun with our dates and eachother, dancing and whatnot. We then went to our afterparty at our hotel we all got. I had gotten really wasted, as did everyone else. I was in the bathroom and he came and walked in and shut the door and we kissed and I then left the room.. I eventually passed out as everyone left our room on a bed.

All I remember hearing is ZZZZ's seen this before who cares? so then I woke up the next morning and Jason was late for work so I woke him up.... Then Monday came and the rumor was "ZZZZ watched (my guy) and (his date) have sex" I DO NOT THINK SO!!! why would I want to go watch the guy I was head over heals for have sex with some other girl? his excuse was well you're not my girlfriend.

I then met this guy and we're now "seeing eachother" but he's the one who brought up dating... we just are waiting for this September. He treats me a lot better than my ex ever could... SO everything my ex had said to me was a bunch of lies. all I have to say about this is watch out for the types of guys like him.

Thanks for reading my story, it gave me a chance to let everything out..


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