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I guess you have to watch who you can trust.

Through thick and thin and through everything that anyone could go through we were together. She went through heavy alocoholism, drug problems and gave a child up for adoption. We began dating a few months after she had her daughter and we had known each other for a few years prior, in a way she was already my best friend, we just became more. We did a lot together but not enough to get sick of each other. We were both spontainious enough to enjoy random things but not enough to get into tons of trouble(part of being seventeen i guess). She had broken up with me twice because of drug problems and admittedly because she didn't think it was fair for me to be with her when she was at her lowest. But even after those I stuck with her through all of it, even after she cheated on me before the second break-up. I had even carried her home numorous times because she was too high and drunk to walk. Finally when she had been clean for a month and we were still broken up she came over with a bottle of cherry brandy; and two hours of not remembering, my living room floor and a now empty bottle we unknowingly conceived. We had already been through tons together so we both figured that with what we figured was the worst behind us we assumed that a child would not be hard. And although it is no easy task to raise a child we found out that it is also not as hard as most make it out to be. So nine months later we carried home a nine pound four ounce boy. I was still in high school finishing off some credits and one day an old friend who i hadn't talked to in a while came to me while i was having a smoke, he was having chick problems. Not a big deal, so he and i went off privatly to talk and i found out that he was scared that his g/f was pregnant. So i helped him and his g/f get bloodwork done, get ahold of pregancy tests(they were too bashful to go buy the bloody things themselves), i helped them the best that i could through all of this. After this he and i started hanging out a lot became best friends and thats when i discovered that he had a very heavy drug problem, including everything minus crack and needles; what ever he could get his hands on. Not before long he came to me scared into tears because he was hearing voices and seeing things all over the place, the "devil" was telling him to kill people. I did my best to help him through all of this, but between myself and a few other friends it took less than four hours to decide he needed medical help. We took him to the hospital and he was admitted into the psyche ward, got help and was told to keep off the drugs or it would get worse. This is the kind of guy who just assumes that he should get what he wants because noone can tell him what not to do. So being the idiot that he still is he kept at the drugs, and was put in the hospital a total of eight times and one of them in critical condition for cardiac arrest(heart attack) because he took an upper and a downer at the same time. in the end he was kicked out of his house and his g/f left him along with most of his friends. He was left homeless with only his job and his guitar. He called me and walked over only planning on spending the night. But my mom wouldn't hear of it she told him he could live with us; on one condition... no drugs. I think we all can assume what happened. He would go behind my garage and get completely wasted hoping my mom would never know. she never did until i told her. He was so high one day that he groped my 13 year old sister when he was 18 and as far as i can tell still doesn't regret it. but at the time he seemed upset for doing it when he admitted it to me, i said that i was glad he was honest about it and i forgave him. That was one mistake that will never be made again. but in the mean time this also means that my new wife with our now 2 year old son has begun to know this friend very well. Well, one night he invites her out to a kegger but not me, i thought nothing of it because i assumed that he knew my other buddies b-day was that day. next thing i know my wife is going off to undefined places with people she won't tell me about. I'm thinking WTF? Finally she pulls me aside and says that she doesn't love me anymore and that she needs time away from men. A load of BS! not a day later her and my "friend" are official and a friendship and marriage are done. about two weeks later he convinces her that i am dangerous and gets her to take herself and our son away. The next morning i wake up to the car seat gone, no son and no ex but a note saying that i am dangerous and shouldn't have custody. Cops are called and the search begins, it didn't take too long to find them at his place. She is still with him, but i have full custody of our son after childrens aid was informed of her occasional negligance from both of my parents, not to mention her b/f's habit of drinking and toking and driving. What have i learned, you can't trust many, this is sadly a lesson which i never had to learn, it takes a lot for me to trust anyone now because of them. They stabbed me in the back and showed little if any remorse for it. I helped them through the worst times of their lives, i shared their worst moments and they became my own worst moments, and this is how they repayed me. I guess you have to watch who you can trust.


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