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He's a loser, and you want to know why he keeps coming back?

I really hope everyone reads my story, this is my perfect chance to get out everything i feel...about my "ONE OF A KIND EX!!" I'm planning on writing a book about my ex, his mind games, & the torture he put me through, to teach all women that you are worth so much more! Enough about that, My ex boyfriend is one of a kind in all the ways you could imagine! We dated on and off for pretty much a year, we were bestfriends before that though..so i guess your attracted to your bestfriend right? Meaning you must enjoy eachothers company right? Haha funny, My ex the immaturity he had of a 13 year old boy..meanwhile he was 18 and couldn't act it for nothing, but one thing that bothered me the most was his constant influences by his friends. No no your thinking him dealing drugs or something right? Haha, it's even better, he'd let his friends judge me, tell him they didn't like me after a while, and these friends of him were mainly the jealous girls he had as "friends" He would always obey them and be AFRAID to stick up for himself and be like "I really like this girl!" In the begining let me tell you it was like a fairytale anything you could of wished for in a boyfriend, hanging out on the weekends he was the one who would also have ALL the parties! It was like animal house. So as the months go by, i'm NOT invited anymore to his little parties and get together with ALL his friends i was orginally hanging out with from the begining and i'd have to hear all about it in school on Monday, how much of a "GREAT" time they spent with my boyfriend! meanwhile his promises of him calling me were BROKE and gone to the ground and i'd be 1 A.M drunk phone call "Baby, i miss you..where were you tonight" I don't thiink so..I honestly cried my heart out over this boy..this boy that I loved! But, i know what we had wass special but it's over now and i really want to show all women, don't let a man walk all over you...you're beautiful and worth so much more! And, if he tries to see you secretely like my ex still tries and all the memories come rushing back into my head, just REMEMEBER the nights you sat home cry9ing your eyes out, waiting for that text message or phone call to beep as it would play your ringtone, remember all the promises BROKEN that can't be taken back, all the "I'm sorry's.." Please don't forget that..think back to the times you were upset and he made you feel like a nasty piece of sh**! He's a loser, and you want to know why he keeps coming back? It's because..honestly..the only one who will take him back... his "fall back on ex-girlfriend"...Don't be her!


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