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I opened the door to find a girl lying there in his bed

Me and my man had been together for what had been a happy two year relationship,we practically lived in each others pockets and did everything together, when all of a sudden he started being distant with me and I had no idea why. I would only get to see him like once a week, and when I phoned him it was like he didn't want to talk to me. Finally I plucked up the courage to ask him what was wrong, he assured me there was nothing but I knew there was, I wish he would just tell me,if he needed space, a break,or even if he didn't want to be with me anymore...no girl wants to be with a boy who doesn't wnat to be with them. Whe it came to a point Ihadn't seen o hurt off him for 2weeks I'd had enough, I decided to go to his and get my things, I could no longer be bothered with somebody who couldn't be bothered with me. When I got to his he openned the door, he didn't want to let me in so I told him I just wantd to get my stuff not cause any touble and pushed passed him and made my way to his bedroom. I openned the door to find a girl lying there in his bed, not a friend but someone I knew. who knew me and my boyfriend where together. I wanted to cry, batter them both,trash his room anything to reflect the pain I felt when I walked in the room, but instead I just stood there afor a while then my boyfriend come in the room. "I'm so sorry," he said, holding back the tears and gathering all the strength I had just turned around and laughed in both their faces, I told what he did, or more to the point who he did was no longer my business, and I got all my stuff and left. He lived two buses away from where I did and I cried all the way home, although I had tol myself I was going there to finish with him deep down that was the last thing I wanted..he wasn't my first boyfriend, or the first one to cheat on me but he was the first one to break my heart. After two years together I thought he might of actually cared for me just a little, but other than the "I'm so sorry" I haven't heard anything off him, and that's want hurt most of all


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