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He Lied, He Cheated, I Took Him Back

My boyfriend and I had the most amazing relationship. We went out for 2 1/2 years... and I wish longer.... but it had to end... He came from a hard household... mom hated dad, vies versa, and the sisters hated him... mom had serious issues bi-polar, manic-depressive, and alot of other stuff. So as time went on and him mom kept emotionally abusing him... his impressions and respect toward women began to fade... Although he never treated me bad he would begin to say small things that were just not like him... We began to fade out we didnít see each other everyday it was more like 3 times a week, although we still talked every night... everything just seemed different... I still loved him more than anything though, and he claimed that he loved me as well...

One night I get a call from my friend B...all I did was pick up the phone and say hi... and he began yelling at me and I was so lost... (Heís like a big brother to me he just watches out for me). And he was yelling at me for supposedly "doing to much physically with my b/f)... im only 15.... I was so confused because most everything B was telling me wasnít true I hadnít done that...yet... and B was telling me how my b/f told him that we were doing all this stuff... I blew B off cause I had trusted my b/f and I didnít think he would say something like that... as the weeks went on I got more and more phone calls asking me what was going on between us and what and what not.... so I was like okay this is getting weird I am just going to ask him myself. He said he never said anything to that sort.... I still believed him... however I was beginning to become a bit skeptical....

I kept getting more and more people talking about us and what "we were doing" and finally adults started finding out.... so I decided to put it to a stop although I had already told everyone who asked it wasnít true. Somehow its just kept getting around... well eventually I took off the blindfold and realized he really was saying all of that stuff about me... and to my dismay I had no choice but to dump him...

it ended up that most of the time we were going out... he was cheating on me with a bunch of different girls... and that between him and I was just physical...he broke my heart but I still loved him and I wouldnít get over him.... after we were just friends but he still claims that he likes me.... every time he says that I wish I was back with him but I cant trust him...

my friends say that its stupid I still like him considering he lied to me, cheated on me, and manipulated me....I mean I know its stupid but I cant help it... but he told me after we broke up.... and I will never forget this I donít know why I just wont... we were staring straight at each other and I told him I loved him more than anything one last time.... he didnít say a word he just took me into his arms and almost started to cry, it was like he was truly sorry for what he had done.. And when I pulled away he didnít let me go we were just staring at each other again he said... I have never loved anyone more than you and I still love you. And I donít want to let go of you because then I know your gone, and if your gone I donít know what I am going to do, your the most important part of my life and I will love you forever...........

I began to cry and he hugged me again...and I had never in my life felt more comforted... and I was still totally in love with him but I had to let him go... so I walked away without saying another word. I had gotten about 50 feet away before he came back to me and said..."I love you, and I never meant to hurt you, that I promise you" and I looked at him and said "you meant to hurt me, you knew that I would find out, if you truly loved me you wouldnít of lied cheated nor manipulated me, but I still love you, and the only thing I want from you now is one last kiss"... after that not another word was said... we didnít talk to each other for months... And yesterday was the first time I saw him... and he didnít say a thing to me before he wrapped his arms around he and told me heís back


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