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Im not the sleaze in this story, the boys are!!!

Okay so here is my crazy story. I was with a guy who was about to propose to me, and I knew he was because I found the ring and everything, we were set to go to Cuba the week following his hockey finals. So anyways, the week before we left I totally fell for this guy from the other team. We went out to a club with a girlfriend of mine and another guy from the other team, like a double date, but with alot of making out and grinding. So that night, me and the guy I was with the whole night were planning on going up to his hotel room to hook-up, but I couldnt so I told him no and I wanted to go back to my boyfriend. He then told me that he was actually engaged to another girl that he had been with for a while. So with that, I left him and went back to my house to my boyfriend, who I loved very much. After hockey finals were over and my boyfriends team lost, I started talking to the other guy. I left my current boyfriend to be with this new guy who I thought I was in love with. We spent a week together, but then broke up so I could go back to my ex. I got engaged, and spent most of the summer with my fiance. Our wedding date was on September 5 2006 in hawaii, but on the day of our engagement party I snuck off with the guy I was with for a week. We were together for two months. He then accused me of cheating on him with my ex-fiance, and with that I left him.

Im not the sleaze in this story, the boys are!!!


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