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In the end it's obout me having my kid and she can rot-in-pieces.

Making the one who hurt you pay.I know it's hard when you dedicate your life to someone who throws you out like yesterdays trash.I came home from working out of town and my girlfriend,and mother of my 8 month old son was throwing a birthday party for her friend.That was fine,but I was ready for bed when I woke up hearing people fighting over my baby's moniter.I flip and kicked everyone out of my house.She thought it was over us and the way she was treating or the way I was treating her.We got in a big fight and I acused her Of cheating on me.She said If you want me to cheat on you I'll will.We got back together and she eventualy did cheat on me.I was still with her for the sake of our six mouth old son.She couldn't be with for the things I said and I told her actions speek louder then words.We broke up,I was unemployed living with my dad and she still calls me everyday.I finally quit excepting her calls because she just wants me to watch our son while she's with her new boyfriend.I decided to take a job where I'll be gone most of the day and be making more money then her new boyfriend.In the end it's obout me having my kid and she can rot-in-pieces.


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