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Then she started going out with her friends,coming home late

I was a a bar during the day playing one of those touch screen games.A girl,soon to be my ex, gave me her phone number,but I never called her.Later at the same bar she kept staring at me and I couldn't resist.We hooked up and eventualy moved in together.She was so jelous that I couldn't even play poker with my friends.That was fine I thought she was the one.Then she started going out with her friends,coming home late,and having a tissy fit if I was gone for more than an hour.She got pregnant and all was well because I just wanted to settle down and be a family man.I was working and she wasn't and all of a sudden she wanted to go out while I was home with ours and her kids.She wouldn't come home sometimes until I was already going to be late for work.I eventualy lost my job and she dumped me on a saturday night then called me in the morning wanting me back.I just wanted some time apart then when I was ready to come home she said "I think I'm o.k.". We never got back together ,but she calls me almost everyday even though she's seeing someone else.I don't want to see her anymore,but I want to see my son.


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