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the EX just tried following me around telling me all of their dirty little secrets

So I met this guy through a really good friend of my mine who is also male (whom I have never dated.) Well, his friend and I clicked and have been dating ever since for the last 3 months. Things moved FAST, and I mean FAST...from our first date, we became inseperable, he invited me back home with him when his aunt died ( I declined because it had only been 2 wks into the courtship), he took me to meet with the designer for his new condo, helped him pick out furniture, etc etc....
Well recently my female intuition has been making me feel like something is going on...he didnt invite me to his best friends wedding which he is the best man in....and the day after the wedding, I woke up feeling uneasy, and upset, as if something had happened, when I spoke with him about my uneasiness...he assured me i was wrong and that nothing was up....and then he sprung on me that he was leaving the country for a month....
Later that night I decided to go out with some girl friends of mine and he sees me at the club...he approaches me to say hi (hes obviously drunk) and then here comes this girl and her friend, and the one girl puts her arm around him and is making a scene...long story short, it ends up being HIS EX...and her best friend...she ends up making a scene in the club about how he has been sleeping with her, WITHOUT A CONDOM, that he was with her LAST NIGHT...the night before I woke up feeling uneasy, and that she was pregnant by him and blah blah blah...she was drunk, everyone in the club was staring...and I was mortified...I saw a side of him I have never seen...i saw a violent, verbally and emotionally abusive and unstable individual, with no tact or true integrity...and a woman who shared the same boat with him..worst than that is that all his friends from out of town were there too and they all were looking at us like they "saw it coming."" He ended up blaming me for it...and walking away, while the EX just tried following me around telling me all of their dirty little secrets. Im hurt, embarrased, confused, and I feel like I cant trust anyone again..and I am only 23.


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