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All that I can say is love sucks!

Well I finally thought I found the one, after being in several relationships. She had three kids and all three were diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. I was patient with the kids and eventually grew to consider them my own. After six months of dating and seeing each other almost everyday of the week we talked about going away for a weekend, however she dismissed the idea and said she wanted to take it slow. At this time she was starting to question if there was any chemistry between us. I started to think that we were becoming too close and she was afraid of committing herself to me. Out of the blue she called me and said lets go away for the weekend. I made reservations at a casino up north and we had an awesome time, in fact it was the first time we had sex. On the drive home all we talked about was what we were going to do for the rest of the summer, I suggested that we take the kids up north, she thought that that was a great idea. Well later that day after I had dropped her off at her house, she called me later that evening and started to say there was no chemistry, I was blind-sided and hurt to say the least. She wanted to remain friends, ie just friends, I told her that I could not remain just friends and we have not spoken since. All that I can say is love sucks!


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