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He is a slimey, slimey pervert

I met this guy in my first year of college, he seemed nice enough, a bit shy, and a bit dirty, but he won me over with his shyness and vulnerability. Everything was going fine. we were young, everything was fun. He went away for christmas to see his Dad in Belgium. He rang me up about a week into his little holiday sounding all depressed and upset, and nothing i could say would cheer him up. Little did i know this was the day after he's cheated on me with his sister. He came back and everything seem fine. But then at a party he got drunk, and started dragging everyone, but me, into the kitchen to have a 'chat' with them. He was confessing to cheating with his sister to practically everyone there, but me. No-one would tell me what was going on becuase, as i later found out, he's promised them he's tell me the next day, or at least by the end of the week. Two weeks later, he hadn't told me, so while i was on a break in college, everyone he had told sat me down and told me what he'd done. I was obviously angry, so that night i went over to his house and broke up with him. He told me it was drunken mistake and his sister had told him not to tell anyone. He then had a mental breakdown and blamed me for it, as if it was my fault. Now we're on speaking terms again, but he has sunk to another low. He is 18 and is now dating, and sleeping with a girl who is 15, and is four school years below him. He is a slimey, slimey pervert.


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