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she was having an affair

My wife and I were having problems, and I moved out. I thought the break would do us good and thought it would be a chance for us to court one another and bring the romance back into our lives. When she suggested that we also go to marriage counseling, I agreed and threw myself 100% into it.

What I did not know was that she was having an affair. Her lover was a married man from halfway across the state, and they used business trips for their trysts.

Just a few items:
1) after marriage counseling one day, she came to my apartment, "borrowed" some meat from my freezer, and then returned home to make it into a meal for her lover;
2) I brought her a bottle of wine. She took it on one of her shack-ups with her lover;
3) She had car trouble but a business trip scheduled. Concerned that she'd have a breakdown on the road, I gave her my new car. She took it several hundred miles for a 2-day tryst with her lover, AND charged all the gas to my credit card!
4) The marriage counselor asked us how we thought things were going. I said I thought things were going well enough that I'd be back home within a few weeks. She did not comment, but that same evening met her lover in a local motel for a shack-up
5) Months after she told me it was over, i learned that she was still in touch with him


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