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We met on facebook through our school's clarinet group

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we had a very unique relationship. We met on facebook through our school's clarinet group. After I messaged him, we talked for about 2 weeks and then after I went up to the school and met him in person, we decided to go into a relationship. I live 3 hours from school, and this was in March of this year. From March to April, I did not get to see him. In April, I went up to school and we made love. It was my first time, and by that point I was pretty sure that I wanted to marry him. Please don't ask how it happened so fast, it just did. I was up there for 2 weeks in April, and then at the end of the month I had to leave to go back home.

During May, he wanted me to go to his hometown. I had no way to because my step brother totalled my car. At that point we would talk online less and less. He would be busy all the time, working out. In June, he came to my hometown and went to an amusement park with his family (it was a family trip) and didn't tell me until the night prior to them leaving. As he was telling me this, he asked me if I was mad. I didn't know what he was doing at the time, but now I realize it. He was trying his hardest to get me to push him away. So after I told him the wrong answer (that I loved him too much to let something like that get in the way of our relationship), he said that maybe it was time for a "break". I asked him if by break, he meant "break-up" and he said that those words were "too cruel". He was really breaking up with me. We were together for 3 months and things seemed fine.

He broke up with me in June. He said to me in one of my blogs that he "wouldn't have another girl on facebook for a right good while". He started dating his current girlfriend in July. Harsh, huh? Anyhow.. so right before they start dating he tells me that he cares about me and that they were "just going to be friends" and that telling her that she was beautiful on her pic comments was "just a joke, just an innocent joke". I didn't find it too funny. Especially when they started dating.

After they start dating, I find out that he slept with her from a friend. She got to know my friend, and he was HER first too. What makes this worse is that there is a girl that is his friend that he slept with a long time ago and he was also her first. It is almost like he only wants to be with virgins. So I get to know this new girlfriend, and it freaks me out. She is just like me!!! ugh. Liking the same old t.v shows, the same music, you name it.

Months pass. Today is their 4 month anniversary. He said to me last week that he wants to be friends with all that is within him and that he still wants me to be apart of his life. What does this mean? Should I be? I'm confused, and I don't like it. What's worse is that I am always the one to IM him, not the other way around. It's not cool that he's saying one thing, and acting in another way.


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