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he is just a jerk that was using me as a safety net.

so heres the story i dated this guy who i thought was the "love of my life" for six months (boy was i wrong) and then it ends. For four months i still liked him and wanted to be with him. Then he decided to start calling me agian and wanting to hang out with me behind his girlfriends back (i didn't know we were hanging out behind her back). We met up at our usuall spot and would talk for a long time about what we used to do and old stories and that was nice. But then it changed into he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with his girlfrien or go back out with me. So after a while of us meeting and talking i got sick of it because he wouldnt make up his mind. Later a group of friends and him and i go on a vacation without his girlfriend and on this trip he breaks up with his girlfriend and we hold hands and kiss. It may not seem like a big deal but it was a major tease to me. I felt so dumb when we got back in town because we havent talked since and its been over a month and he's back with his old girlfirend. Its ok though because i realized that he is just a jerk that was using me as a safety net.


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