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He Cheated, Cheated, then Lied

My ex of four years cheated on me not once, but twice. Three years in, he broke up with me for this other girl we both knew, lying to me, telling me it was for other reasons. A couple weeks later he came crawilng back to me like nothing had happened with her. I didn't want to lose him, so I gave him another chance. I thought that was pretty nice of me. He saw how much this hurt me and promised never to do this again.

For this next year he constantly fed me all the lines that he loved me, talked about marriage and everything. Another year later, I found out that for a while he had been messing around with this not so attactive girl at work that we both knew. I immediately end it with him.

For the next two months he denied everything, lying and crying to me asking me to believe him. Eventually, he breaks down and even lies to me about what went on between them and begs for another chance. He tells me he hates this girl, that he'll do anything to get me back.

Funny way of showing you hate her. Hope ###### around makes him happy.


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