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I for one am a happy woman with a good man at her side

Talk about ex-g/f.My husbands ex is so pissed off at us.She started to call him when she found out we were going together.Telling him she loved him still and to come home and be with her.But he had enough of the arguing and the fighting.He had to be drunk to go home to stand her.She started to spread gossip and told my landlords about his drinking and they believed her and judged him for his habits. Me and my son got kicked out of our trailer because of her accustions.She is a jealous person.We she found out about us getting married she said t a friend she was going to stop it.One day before going to his work,she told him she was pregnant.He's fixed.Then when 15 min.later she calls his mom and says she had lost the baby.Then she takes his income tax check for 10G and says she deserves all that money.When he was the one who earned it.This woman lost a good person when she became to controlling with him.Now we are married and are living a good life.She on the other hand is still plotting and being a gossip and be up to her old ways.And what's the deal is I never done anything to her and she is calling me names.Ex's make sure they don't have extra baggage behind them.I learned in a way that every woman scorned will do anything to destroy a happy life between two people who are IN love. She is 38 and she has to be a lady and let go of something she never had in the first place.I for one am a happy woman with a good man at her side.For her hope her the,well hummm.a new attitude and a puppet friend.


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