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sometimes itís just best to let go, even if it hard

Me and my ex of a year broke up about a month ago, and itís been a rollercoaster for me
Personally. I thought that I would eventually get over her but since we go to the same school thatís not always easy. I really loved her a lot, there not a day I donít go without thinking about her, even if I am mad at her. A week ago we were talking on the phone and eventually we ended up at her grandma house, when I got there every was cool and all keeping friendly, but then the phone rings and itís her mother and from what I heard
It made me really uncomfortable and mad but I let it slide. About 15 minutes later the
Phone rings and itís the reason we broke up, on the phone. They start fusing on the phone about the situation that happened, ďif you know what I meanĒ. And all while this is going on im sitting on the couch listening getting mad and madder about what im hearing about 30 minutes she gets off the phone mad, so I go over to her trying to stay a friend and support her but the I guess the ex in me came out and we start arguing. A lot of things were said that werenít necessary but I was mad, anyway I had finally told her that at the end of our relationship that I didnít trust her and that mad her even madder, and shut out
On me and got real quite, then she starts saying off the wall stuff about how she never had doubts about us and she ends the conversation with ďI guess it was meant for us to break up since you didnít trust meĒ. And her mama comes to through the front and I go out the back and walk home mad, basically because I think she should have told me something before I came over thinking I was still the only person she had been with this
year. Maybe I let my guard down or we both let our guard down I donít know but after that I donít want nothing to do with her, she called me today confessing to me answering
Questions that I had asked that day, I cared and I didnít care im just tired of the games I
Still love her but sometimes itís just best to let go, even if it hard sometimes.


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