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I Gave Up Opportunities - He Treated Me like Slime

We really loved each other, were together for 7 years but due to parents conservatism could not marry and got seperated.I was shattered, slowly gained strength and made fresh plans for my life- study abroad after major reistance from my parents.

Only 4 days were left for my departure, when this very good frind of 8 years confessed his deep love for me.he siad love is too small a word, he lifes me and much other extremely sentimental stuff- like we are soulmates and blah blah. I was reluctant, had different plans for myself but this guy really convinced me. So I left all my plans at the 24th hour to be with him. He had been into drugs for quite a while and claimed I could change his life, I was his princess & what not.

I fought with my parents, gave up golden career plans and finally when he did have me in his basket, he gave me the much deserved royal kick on my ass. My only consideration had been that my love could make his life happier and better, for when he proposed to me, at that time I had not been in need of anyone.

Stuck alone, he has even insulted me in the most blatant manner and with choicest abuses. He tells me to go drown myself. This was not at expected from a close friend of 8 years.


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