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now Mickey is going out with Daisy for sure,

So. Here's the scoop. I'll put this into Disney characters. Minnie was dating Mickey. Minnie && Mickey loved each other very much && had been dating for a long time. Then. Daisy Duck comes into the picture. Now Daisy, mind you, has Donald. But then Daisy decided she wanted Mickey to herself, so she tells Mickey that she loves him. Meanwhile, Minnie has no clue about whats going on. Daisy tells Mickey that she loves both Mickey && Donald, but she wants to be with Mickey. She claims that Donald said that she's the only reason he's alive && stuff, so Daisy tells Mickey she can't leave Donald, so they just sort of flirt a lot. Then, one day, Mickey decided to finally be honest with Minnie, && tell her that he has feelings for someone else. Minnie, ready to let go, and knows that its the end of things. But Mickey changed his mind && says, "No Minnie. I just need time to sort through my feelings. I want to be with you, I love you. Please don't move on, Minnie."

Well. A few months pass, && Minnie && Mickey still talk all of the time. Well. Then Minnie finally moves on ( or so she thinks ) && finds Goofy. So they're still going out, its been about 2 months. But now Mickey is going out with Daisy for sure, but he's talking to Minnie like he wants to be with her again. Minnie is getting her feelings back for Mickey, && doesn't know what to do. Because some days it seems like Mickey wants her back, && then others it doesn't.


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