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Now im caught in between wanting her back and hating her

A week ago my G/F who had been living with me for 4 months packed all her stuff in her van at 2AM snd drove off. I knew she was leaving for awhile but she constantly told me she was leaving to go back to stay with her mom and go back to school. However in the last 2 months she had been talking to her Ex while i was sleeping and avoiding me when he called. She told me he was a good friend and when i asked if it was anything more she said "He is my friend Deal with it" and constantly threatened not only our relationship but our 6 year friendship as well if i continued to accuse her Over time i found clues to what she was intending to do...my trust in her began to disintegrate as i found i love u text messages on her phone to her ex and directions to his house in her belongings. She denied them all saying she was going to stop by his house to get some things she had left there and that she couldnt get back with him cause she would "Lose me forever". Once she was gone she text me saying thats where she was going and insisting that she never lied but that she decided while she was driving thats where she wanted to be so she drove 900 miles to be with a guy that dumped her to be with her best friend. Once she got there she mailed me saying she loved him all along and that i should forget about her....but she also said she loved me as a friend and in a month or 2 she wanted to start talking again. At this point she still denies ever lying to me and tells me "Believe what you want to believe if it makes things easier" Now im caught in between wanting her back and hating her. My Gut says let her go and my gut is usually right. Even tho she tore my heart out i still care for her. And if she cares for me someday she will ask me forgiveness and if she doesnt i guess she insnt worth it anyways.


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