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I need to get to know myself sober

I was with the love of my life for 7 years. WE'd known eachother since we were 15 but only got togther when we turned 19. Now I'm 26. The past 7 years have been great. He's s wonderful guy. I love everything about him. But something wasn't right. I just feel like I need to be on my own for a while. TO sort my life out. we'd been doing drugs throughout the whole relationship, except for about 7 months. I decided enough was enough and stopped doing drugs. But he kept going. I have essentially changed my life and was hoping he would do the same. He hasn't. So I broke up with him. I'd quit drugs twice during our relationship but he didn't. I didn't want to force him to change so I thought the best thing I could do for us was seperate. Now I miss him so much, but need to be strong. I don't know if he's quit or not, but I hope he has. He asked me to give him a chance to clean up his act. But the fact is I can't wait for him to do that on my time. Life is too short. I want to concetrate on ME and MY life now. I feel very guilty about it, but it's been on the cards for a few years now, only I never had the guts to do it. There are days that I'm so proud of myself and feel like I've done the right thing. Other days I ask myself if it was the biggest mistake of my life breaking up with him. I guess only time will tell. I just hope he is happy someday. I tried calling him a few days ago and he's not taking any of my calls. I think he's angry now. But I need to get to know myself sober. Figure out who I am by myself, you know? I wish you all luck.


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