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i think its a bunch of bull

when i was 16 i met a guy who i fell head over heals in love with and after 1 year found out he had cheated on me but i gave him a second chance which didnt last but 3 more months... for the last 5/6 years we've had little flings here and there, but now i am in a new and serious relationship where i have tried to move on, but its hard,i dont know what to do cause my ex keeps calling me and telling me how he and treat me better and make me happier than the guy i am with... but my boyfriend treats me soo good, hes never done anythign to hurt me and so forth.. the thing that gets to me like i told my ex is that hes had 6 years to prove to me that when my boyfriend has had less than 2 years to prove it?? i dont understand.. on top of everything this ex of mine isnt ready for a girl friend?? its that type of situation when he doesnt want me but he doesnt want anyone else to have me.. hes told me that he doesnt want me with anyone else and it hurts him but i think its a bunch of bull.. supposably he just wants to see me happy but hes always talking sh*t! i dunno


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