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she'll grow old a very lonely person

My Ex is one manipulative bitch... i met her in april of 2005 at dance competitions, i was the lowly backstage boy, she was the prima ballerina... i swear, if it didn't turn sour, this would make a hell of a love story. i only saw her for a week, and never got her phone number. but i kept trying. i asked everyone i knew if they had her phone number, i tried her dance school, but the number in the phone book was an old number.

On august the 24th i was at the shops, when this girl i vaguely know comes up to me. "Hows it goin?"
"Yeah, good ey, urself?"
"I'm good... hey, ur last name isn't H, is it?"
"Then you know SEH... she really seriously likes you. shes tried all year to find you, but she couldn't."
"She has...? ... So have i..."
"Well, i can help you.."
With that, she took my phone outta my hand and plugged in a number.
"Tell her i said hi..."

So i called the number, sure enough, it was her, we started talkin heaps, then came the 28th of august, the day i asked her out...

SEH is afraid of commitment. I knew if i asked her out without a big hype, she's say no. So i did it the only way i knew how. In french. She can't understand french at all, so i remember having to write it down for her to translate. that night, i get a msg on my phone- "Grrr.... i hate you... yes, i'll go out with you"

that started a month and a half of barely seeing her cos of her dance commitments, and when i did, all we did was talk, not even kiss or anything. I'm all for moving slow, but she just didn't seem to want to.

October 12, 2005, the day before her birthday. I spent 5 hours in my art room drawing a rose for her birthday, she loves roses. Around midday i get a msg from her. "Hey hey, you busy? can i call ya? luv S" So i reply "Yeah no worries babe" and she calls.

"Hi G... I'm breaking up with you." *click*
phone hangs up.

I'm left there with this piece of artwork i've just poured all my time and effort into, only to have it taken away the day before i waas gonna give it to her.

So we both went through a phase of not speaking, i eventually called her up one day and we just talked. A few months later we were cool again, and by march 2006 we were seeing each other casually. My feelings for her had become really strong over that time, she let me know everything about her, her loves, her hates, her fears, her joys, what makes her feel good, everything. I was in love.

I couldn't just let her think it was fine with me having the tiniest part of her and nothing more, so i told her how i felt. She freaked out when i said the 'L' word, and didn't talk to me like we did for about 3 months. Around September 20- October 12 we got real close again, like, regular relationship style, except i didn't get told about the boyfriend she currently had, and that she'd had 3 official boyfriends throughout the year. Funny thing though, on october 12, exactly 1 year after she broke up wiht me, she aked me to break up wiht her boyfriend for her, cos she was scared to. So i'd been making out with her while she was cheating on these guys... and now she wanted me to break up with her boyfriend for her. I told her exactly what i thought of that. but i also secretly thought "yay, she's single, now i can have another chance"

October 19th 2006. I've had enough. we went to the beach together, and i'm randomly getting the cold shoulder once again. That night i went out with mates for a drink, and then called S up. basically, i told her our... whatever it was is over. I couldn't keep on being in love with someone who didn't love me back, and i knew that letting her use me for whatever she wanted was killing me inside. i couldn't take it anymore. SO i told her to leave me alone and hung up.

Obviously i don't mean much, cos she hasnt tried to contact me. But good. She can get stuffed. I dont need her, there are plenty of girls who want a relationship with someone who cares about them. All i know is that i hope she doesn't stick with her mentality, or she'll grow old a very lonely person. which hey, i got nothin against to be honest.


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