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She Left Me, Returned, Left, I Miss Her

I was 19, and very young and unexpierenced boy, going into my 1st relationship. She was 17 and dating a guy who would cut his wrists when he didn't get what he wanted outta her. I should of knew from the door that this was going to be trouble, but this was my 1st relationship and i was beginning to have feelings for this girl from spending so much time together at work. So 2 weeks have passed, we've become good friends and i talk her into breaking up with that loser who hurts himslef in front of her. I give her time to get over him and just stay friends.

Then we begin to date. Our dating turns into a beautifull relationship. It was perfect to me, i had the girl of my dreams. One day she says i think we should just be friends, I say why, she says because we cannot see each other and i need my space.

A week later she is back with her ex, so i flipped out. I called her all sorts fo names, told her she broke me in half, and that i still loved her. Turns out she still had feelings for me too, love or passion, i do not know. So we start to fool around behind her boyfriends back for a few months and i once again convince her to break up with him. All of this happened in about a year and 3 months.

So we begin to date again for a month solid and we start to do more than just kiss one day and she begins to cry, and storms out of my house. The next day at work once again, i need my space, i don't have time for a realtionship, she didn't say me, she said a relationship. So we kiss for the last time and i walk her out to her car, i coulda swore we would be back together after the way she acted when we parted.

But what do you know, a month later she tells me she's been dating a guy from college for 3 weeks, and he lied to her and broke her heart like she did to me, so she wanted to give me honesty because she knew what it felt like from that guy dumping her, but its a little late, 3 weeks late.

I just cannot get over her, its been almost a year since we've spoken like normal ppl do, but i love or lust for her,not sure which. Its difficlut for me because, she was my 1st, at a late age, and i'm a sensitive, not your typical xxx-hole, and i do not have it in me to just forget and move on, even after so much time has already passed. I know love is out there for me, but its so hard to search for it when your afraid to be hurt again.


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